Methodical Conclusion  Book Three

Following the release of her first two books in the Methodical series, Rebekah Roth received rave reviews for her expertise and unique writing style that gained her a worldwide reputation as an aviation expert and the foremost authority on 9/11.

After numerous explosive interviews with hosts from around the world, Rebekah was contacted and later joined by many aviation experts, air traffic controllers and pilots that assisted her in uncovering more truth about 9/11.

Fasten your seat belt as Methodical Conclusion takes you deeper into Rebekah's research through a cast of characters from her previous books.  Layer by layer, the members of the team delve into a terabyte of data and as they do, the book exposes to the reader a thrilled and exciting adventure that cannot be put down.

The actions and inactions of the military and the Federal Aviation Administration tell a story most don't want to hear, but because it is very personal to her, Rebekah delivers this hard to swallow truth on behalf of the flight crew members, many of which lost their lives that day.
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